Ryan H. Peraro is an IT professional. So what’s he doing writing a graphic novel of all things?! Well, he thought it would be fun. It looked easy enough: write down some words, draw some pictures. Walk in the park! Turns out the walk in the park was actually a treacherous roller coaster ride without a safety harness, and at the end of that vomit-induced, gravity-defying ride is his first graphic novel.

Ryan partakes in many different activities. These activities may or may not be reflected in this story depending on the state and federal laws in your neck of the woods. He enjoys video games, board/card games, ballroom dancing, watching football (go Chargers and Redskins!), pro-wrestling, indoor soccer, indie rock, and listening to comedy podcasts. He has also dabbled in parkour, voiceovers, and short-form improv.

Ryan is always looking to create. Whether it be short films with his best friends, writing spec scripts, more graphic novels, or collaborating with other like-minded individuals in any way, shape, or form (depending on the state and federal laws in which said collaboration will occur).

Ryan hopes you read Bartez and that it makes you smile even just a little bit. It would make his day/week/year/decade/century/infinity.